About Us

Signature Service By Irvine Pacific™

An unwavering commitment to your satisfaction inspires everything we do, and our comprehensive Signature Service program, along with our customer care philosophy were thoughtfully planned to instill confidence and peace of mind for every homebuyer.

Quality Assurance

Homebuyers enjoy the benefits of a comprehensive warranty, thorough quality assurance and control standards, and our proven track record of reliable scheduling and dependable delivery.

Fully Staffed Customer Care Center

When homeowners contact our Call Center a friendly voice will answer the phone Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Inquiries and questions can also be conveniently submitted online.

Courtesy Visits and Fixes

Mark your calendar for our courtesy visits at 30 days for paint and drywall touch ups, at 4 months for filter replacements and other minor adjustments, and at 11 months for drywall and shrinkage settlement repairs.


Our seasoned professionals are the best in class when it comes to taking care of customer needs and make it easy for you to stay connected with their personal contact information.