About Us

Our Homebuying Process

Home is where memories are made and family is celebrated. Finding just the right home to fit your dreams is one of the most important decisions you will ever make, and the Irvine Pacific team offers support and guidance every step of the way.

Finding your Home

Your Irvine Pacific Sales Counselor is your personal, knowledgeable guide to choosing the perfect floorplan, getting questions answered and effortlessly navigating the start of your home shopping journey.

Sales & Escrow

Once you select your new home, getting pre-qualified with our preferred lenders is next. Our team will support you through every step, from understanding different loan options to finalizing your contract and close of escrow.

Design Center Consultation

Making a home uniquely yours should be a convenient and rewarding process. A professional Design Consultant will be assigned to your home and will provide personal attention and expertise as they collaborate with you at the Irvine Pacific Design Center.

Countdown to Closing Event

We are getting ready to welcome you home! This social, informative gathering is a great way to meet your neighbors and hear from Irvine Pacific team members who will review the overall process and what to expect after move-in day.

New Home Orientation Walk

Your Customer Care Representative will guide you through a final walk-through that coincides with your close of escrow date to verify the completion of items that needed attention, explain warranty information and service requests. Then the moment you've been waiting for, receiving the keys to your new Irvine Pacific home!

Renting vs. Owning

Homeownership comes with many benefits, from practical to psychological.

Rather than paying rent to someone else, owning your home means making an investment in your future. In addition to that investment, there are tax advantages that come along with buying a home vs. renting, as you can deduct mortgage interest and property taxes. Home equity potential can also be a highly motivating factor in the decision to buy a home vs. rent.

Beyond the practical reasons for owning a home, the intangible, emotional benefits of owning a home vs. renting are equally important and, for some, even more compelling. Owning your home provides peace of mind, a sense of stability, and pride of ownership. Homeownership also grants you the freedom to create a space that is uniquely yours, whether that means redecorating, remodeling, planting a new garden or just knowing that you could if you wanted to.

5 Reasons to Buy New

Though the price of a new home may be more expensive than an existing one, your new home is likely to need fewer repairs or replacements since everything is new. Even better, homes usually appreciate with time and when you buy an Irvine Pacific home located in one of our desirable villages, the value may increase even more and you likely will have a greater resale appeal if and when you sell.

Support and Guidance

Our Signature Service extends through the homebuying process and into ownership for an efficient, personalized experience, with a team of professionals guiding you every step of the way.

Bring your Vision to Life

Your brand new Irvine Pacific residence brings exciting opportunities to customize your living space from floor to ceiling to fulfill your personal vision of home.

A Well Planned Village

Location matters and we carefully select the places we build to deliver neighborhoods in premium, amenity-rich Irvine villages near award-winning schools, business, recreation and retail centers.

New Home Pricing and Value

Our premium quality control program is part of Irvine Pacific’s commitment to create lasting value for our buyers. New homes also require less maintenance and typically appreciate over time to offer greater resale value.

Extended Warranty

Homebuyers enjoy an extended warranty, something an older home purchase cannot provide. This quality assurance covers the overall construction of your new home, appliances, mechanical equipment and more.