The Ultimate Checklist For Buying a New Home

The Ultimate Checklist For Buying a New Home

Purchasing a new home is a substantial investment, so you want to consider everything that is important to your family and lifestyle. Irvine Pacific homes are built with exceptional craftsmanship to deliver a comfortable space with lasting value. While functional spaces, nearby amenities and proximity to work may not completely sway the decision to purchase a home, every component needs to be weighed so that you are getting the most out of your house. Since choosing where you live is very personal, what is imperative to one person may be trivial to another. To ensure that your home purchase is right for you, we have gathered some of the most essential factors to look for when making your decision.


Functional Space

Hillside at Portola Springs Loft in IrvineThe space of your new home is more than just square footage. It’s also about how you plan to use the rooms and Irvine Pacific homes offer residents flexible floor plans. Your family size and dynamic will influence how many bedrooms you need and what layout works best. If you have children, bedrooms closer to the primary suite make more sense, whereas, in a family with a multi-generational household, a more private downstairs bedroom will bring more value.

Working or learning from home may demand a dedicated area to enhance concentration, so an office area or den will be extremely useful. We develop cognitive shifts based on the spaces we inhabit, so having a separate area where you work can help enhance productivity.

A private outdoor space is something that many people look forward to when buying a single family home, especially in Southern California where the weather is warm and sunny nearly all year round. As with any space, be mindful of the work required for maintenance. Large spaces filled with grass or plants require a lot of gardening and care versus a paved area that will give you the benefits of enjoying outdoor activities, like sports and stargazing, without the upkeep.


Lifestyle and Activities

Think about what you use your residence for most often and dream about what you could do if you had the right types of spaces. If you’re the family cook, a chef-inspired kitchen to craft gourmet meals might be at the top of your list and if you’ve always wanted to be the host for summer barbecues, then imagine having a home with seamless indoor/outdoor living. Panoramic sliding glass doors allow you to easily move from the refrigerator in the kitchen to the grill outside so that you can maximize your cooking abilities.


Neighborhood Amenities 

Pool at the Groves in Orchard Hills IrvineComing home starts before you pull into the driveway, so consider the aesthetics of the neighborhood where you are looking to purchase a house. Irvine Pacific homes sit amidst mature landscaping and rolling hills, enveloping residents in natural beauty. 

Safety and privacy are important to many homebuyers, and gated communities help many residents feel at home upon entering the neighborhood. Homes in the Reserve at Orchard Hills and the Groves at Orchard Hills offer exclusivity behind the gated enclave. 

When you choose a house with neighborhood amenities that make you feel like you’re at a five-star resort, every day is like a vacation. The masterfully planned communities feature basketball and tennis courts in addition to the pools and spas that are exclusive to Irvine Pacific home residents. 

The Surrounding Community and Cities

Green Field Bommer Canyon IrvineWhere you live directly affects your quality of life because the community that surrounds you is an extension of your home. Proximity to work, shopping centers and major freeways are key factors in deciding where to purchase a house. Irvine Pacific homes are conveniently located near major US freeways and Toll Roads so no matter where you need to go, you have direct access to the best routes. With so many major cities nearby, residents have the option of taking an adventurous weekend getaway with their loved ones. Looking to stay in Irvine? Enjoy the outdoors in the city’s boundless parks, trails and open space. Irvine also has some of the best shopping and dining options so no matter what you value most, this community has it all.


Safety and Schools

Portola Springs High School in IrvineWhether you have a family or live alone, safety matters. For the 16th consecutive year, Irvine was ranked the safest city of its size, allowing residents to feel comfortable in their neighborhoods and in the surrounding community.

Surrounding schools are a vital consideration in the home-buying process. Irvine’s highly-rated public schools are one of the many benefits of life in Irvine if you have children. Even if you don’t have or plan to have school-aged children, you should still be mindful of the quality of schools near your house because they can impact the overall value of your home for future resale. Buyers pay close attention to school districts and broadly prefer neighborhoods that zone to highly-rated public schools. 


Purchasing a home is likely one of the largest investments you will ever make, so it’s important to consider many different factors before you make the purchase. When you buy an Irvine Pacific home, you get to enjoy spacious floor plans, seamless indoor/outdoor living and all the benefits of life in Irvine. To learn more about buying a home in Irvine, click here