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Design & Decor Tips from Irvine Pacific Design Center

Design & Decor Tips from Irvine Pacific Design Center

One of the most inspiring aspects of purchasing a home is the ability to select the finishing touches that customize your space and reflect your personal style. The Irvine Pacific® Design Center has helped hundreds of Irvine Pacific® homeowners create their dream homes, using the latest design trends and best-in-class materials. With a combined 100+ years of experience and industry recognition, Irvine Pacific® Design Center’s Design Consultants share their expertise in interior design and decor to help homeowners throughout Irvine achieve their individual home aesthetic aspirations.

Keep it Neutral

Barcelona Irvine Spectrum residence bedroom

For spaces with limited natural sunlight, consider light earth tones to add brightness. Gray and beige have long been leading colors in a neutral palette. Combined, greige is the ultimate color in a clean and contemporary space. The strength behind this color combination is within its versatility. Greige shades with a stronger gray hue often have blue or green undertones and create a cooler atmosphere. Contrastly, greige with an emphasis on beige have brown undertones for a warmer look and feel.

Maximize Space

Barcelona Irvine Spectrum residence bathroom

Design has a distinct impact on the style and functionality of any space. To expand the visual appearance of any room, utilize softer neutral tones which are naturally more inviting to the eye.
Flooring can also drastically change the perception of a room. Tiles sized 18” or 24” can make a room feel much larger in size compared to smaller 12” materials.

Create Your Mood

Barcelona Irvine Spectrum residence great room

When developing your personal interior aesthetic, consider the tone you wish to convey from room to room. For example, using one color with varying shades throughout a space creates a calm and peaceful look. Higher contrast color combinations, such as a kitchen with white cabinets and navy or black countertops, brings energy into a space.

Think Detail

Barcleona Irvine Spectrum residence bedroom

Detailed touches can truly transform a space and make a home distinctly your own. Whether through furniture, textiles such as pillows, rugs or wall coverings, flooring and cabinetry, consider an array of color, patterns and finishes to add warmth while creating a curated design scheme. Mixing textures can appear to be a daunting task, but an editing eye can uphold timeless design. Simply disperse patterns throughout a room to achieve balance and vary the scale of textures, large and small.

Achieving your vision for your home is possible and within reach. Irvine Pacific® homeowners seeking additional assistance in creating their dream home can contact the Design Consultants at The Irvine Pacific® Design Center. The Design Center has everything you need to craft your dream home, helping you customize your space with best-in-class flooring, cabinets, appliances and countertops. Choose from the best materials to create a timeless design that will complement the unparalleled craftsmanship of your Irvine Pacific® property. To learn more about the Irvine Pacific® Design center, visit irvinepacific.com/designcenter.