Design Center FAQs

How much does the Irvine Pacific Design Center charge me for the professional design fee?

Absolutely nothing!  Whether you complete your selections in one (1) appointment or eight (8) appointments, your professional design fee is the same…$0. This can save you thousands of dollars and offers you tremendous value.

Additionally our designers have in excess of one hundred (100) years of professional interior design experience. Our designers will help you bring your design vision to life. Together we will make your home special, unique and an inviting place to relax, unwind and/or entertain.

I hear design centers can be expensive...Why would/should we use you?

Buyers often make this assumption before they walk in the door. Irvine Pacific prides itself on having the best business practices, bidding processes and trades.  We employ a rigorous bidding process using trades with long standing reputations of excellence. Our bid process also ensures that we receive very competitive bids/pricing and we extend this benefit to you.

Buyers that actually competitively bid our prices, using the same quality materials and scope of work, validate how competitive we are.

Following are just a few specific and important reasons why you should:
  1. Why else should we consider buying our interior upgrades through you?
  2. Would you like to have fun? Then we are your choice….
  3. Is having confidence with your designers important? Our talented designers have helped thousands of homeowners. We have best in class to assist you through your decision making process!
  4. When you close your home, isn’t it comforting knowing that you can count on your builder being there? The Irvine Company has been in business since 1864. Should a problem arise caused by us, it will be remedied at no cost to you throughout the warranty period. We prove that we are here to stay.  
  5. Our brand’s foundational pillar is quality. Irvine Company offers you peace of mind by building with quality and in compliance with all building codes. This is a very important safety feature, creating long term value, while also instilling confidence should you decide to sell.
  6. You risk voiding your Irvine Pacific warranty when using trades or contractors after your home has closed. Damage and work conducted outside the Irvine Pacific’s building process are not warrantied and can expose you to uninsured injury claims and/or liens from vendors that fail to pay their subcontractors or employees.
  7. Buyers frequently regret not using Irvine Pacific for their option purchases. They were not fully prepared for the remodeling hardship and work interruptions and the potential trade damage, construction intrusion, actual cost to demise and rebuild, and its duration. When you close escrow, your Irvine Pacific upgrades are complete.
  8. If you borrow, much of the cost can be covered by today’s very affordable and historically low interest rates.
  9. Afraid of the property tax impact? We hear this all the time! However when one calculates the actual incremental monthly impact most are surprised by how little that impact actually is.
How many appointments will it take to complete the interior design center selection process?

Here is the beauty… we have buyers completing all steps in one (1) appointment to as many as eight (8) appointments. The average total number of appointments is between five (5) and six (6). We adjust our approach and style that makes most sense for you!  

When it comes to design, everyone is individual and unique. Some buyers have clarity with their choices, scheme direction and make decisions quickly while others need more time.There is no right or wrong...just different.

When do I make my decisions on the options I wish to select?

Our homes are built to a certain progression and have critical deadlines throughout the construction process to ensure they are completed timely. These deadlines are referred to as stage cut-off dates.

Your designers will work very closely with you to schedule appointments that respect these decision deadlines and will continue to communicate these key dates. Together we will help you make your decisions on or before these stage cut-off dates.  

What can I do as the buyer to make the most use of the design time/appointments?

We encourage you to explore our upgrade offerings in our Studio Chateau interior design software. When you purchased your home, sales provided you both a username and password.

Open our software and start exploring and creating wish lists. Buyers that create wish lists are more informed, prepared and engaged. Should you decide you don’t want an item or items, not to worry. Wishlists do not produce orders.

We also greatly encourage you to visit and other interior design internet sites for inspiration ideas and direction. Interior/trade magazines are another great resource for inspirations. Bring imagery/photos to your appointments. Asd they say “a picture is worth a thousand words.” If that is too daunting do not worry; we will help guide you.

Why can’t I see certain optional pricing in Studio Chateau?

There are certain complex categories of optional upgrades where providing online pricing is simply not possible.Some options simply have too many variables to price. Examples of these complex categories include, but are not limited to, countertops, flooring and window coverings.

By example with flooring alone, there are hundreds of flooring materials that can be applied to each room in a plan. Since every plan contains many rooms you can see the thousands of possibilities. Our designers will carefully guide and inform you through these categories..